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  • No more turnover
  • No more training
  • No more fumbling
Is our VBDC right for you?
4 X the industry's open rate
It's not some magic pill or incredible new secret. 

We're simply applying what we've learn over the last decade answer, following-up & closing sales online.
Is our VBDC right for you?
Here's why dealer choose us to handle their business:
Consistent Results
Our process & team ensures there's no bump in your prospect handling performance.
We know you're going to blame us if it doesn't work, we make sure it does.
We use advanced marketing techniques to increase appointments & sales.
We know you're going to blame us if it doesn't work, we make sure it does.
"A Virtual BDC removed all issues related to human resources & performance for us"
Andrew, Ford Dealership General Sales Manager
"No more training. No more turnover. No more HR headaches."
Omar, Audi Dealer Principal
"Answering leads under 10 minutes is a must. Appointments are up 58% since last year "
Wang Xiu, Toyota Dealer Principal
"Your VBDC performance is constant and consistently booking appointments.
Dennis, Mercedes-Benz General Manager
"I kid you not, we tripled our appointments from internet leads last quarter!"
Russell, Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealer Principal
"We don't have to look over the shoulder of our sales associates anymore."
Lina, Volkswagen Sales Manager
"We saved 48% on expenses last year, plus the appointment rate increased by 25%!"
Mariano, Chrysler General Manager
Is our VBDC right for you?
We have extensive experience managing customers for our clients.
We know each source has to be treated differently. We keep high SHOW % on all sources.
We have one thing in mind, make sure the customer that's showing up to is ready to buy.
We manage leads coming in from all sources: Website, 3rd party sites, OEM, etc...
Want to generate more activity in your showroom? We reach out to potential customers.
Unsold Trafic
Stop losing customers because your USTC process is inexistant or inconsistant.
Managed Customers
9 minutes
Average Response Time
Unsold Trafic Calls
information gathering
be-back appointments
We build solid relationships with your prospect & current customers with one goal in mind: get them back in your showroom.
See why outsourcing your BDC with Autobahn Academy could reduce your BDC-related expenses by 30% or more
Is our VBDC right for you?
What aspect do you want to improve?
Reduce response time on new leads
Improve the lead nurturing process
Improve the appointment % in store
Unsold trafic contact %
All of the above
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