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How to Generate profitability through digital sales Using Proven Frameworks 1-day Live Workshop
From: Marc Lavoie
Montreal, Canada

Dealer LAB is a unique opportunity for you to get unbiased information about today's digital automotive world. This is not me doing a power point presentation for 8 hours. That'd be wayyy too boring and I don't want you to resent me. 

I've decided to make it a dealership mastermind, and you'll have to contribute to get the best out of it.
What is DealerLAB?
This is opportunity knocking at your door.
This is not one of these events in a hotel conference room with a ton of sponsors or with a pitch waiting for you at the end.

We're bringing a small group of maximum 20 dealership managers per day into one small room to break down and discuss the best recipes, strategies, and tactics for increasing your New & Pre-Owned sales from online sources.

We'll meet in one of Montreal rising tech bed, sharing ideas & discussing upcoming 2022 digital trends.
What you'll get from Dealer LAB: 
  • Reduce wasterful adspend
  • Increase process & tools adoption
  • Increase sales team accountability
You’ll be able to sit side by side with fellow dealers & exchange insights that you can start applying immediately.
It’s unlike anything you’ll experience all year!

This is your chance to massively propel your car dealership forward!

Although you'll meet others, DealerLAB Is Not A "Networking Event"

It's an experience...
What Dealer LAB is NOT...
  • A Pitch Fest
  • A vendor-sponsored event presenting skewed data
  • A one-way presentation by someone on stage
  • ​An event where you'll get a bunch of vague metrics thrown at you
We wanted a platform where we could go deep-dive mode, forward teaching style, for 1 FULL DAY.

Frankly, we didn't ask for this to happen, but:

• After working with hundreds of car dealers within the last decade.
• Spending over 25,000 hours in active process planning with dealers,
• Showing automotive dealers how to create their sales message, offers, and funnels through marketing tactics & systems.

We were at a breaking point.

How could we scale the way we're helping dealers thrive with all those confusing digital tools? All those shiny objects are distracting you from your goals

And which one's the best for you anyway?

This event was born out of dealers asking for a condensed, unbiased workshop.

Why not go all-in?

So we decided to create small groups of like-minded dealer principals & managers willing to shape their vision around digital sales.

Also, help you understand the frameworks & science behind the marketing tactics on the day-to-day.

So you can make better decisions every day.

There ARE PATTERNS (frameworks / models / etc) that cause success in the automotive ecosystem.
Guess what really doesn't matter?

- online vs offline...
- physical vs digital...
- OEM vs dealership...
- cheap vs expensive...
- new vs experienced...

It's not what most are taught or are teaching today...

And also, we have expect to think this knowledge can bring manufacturers & dealers closer when it comes to marketing. Both of you are wasting a lot of money these days.

These are tried and true "models" that tens & even hundreds of dealers have now used to go from average to expert level when it comes to digital retail.

There's fundamentally WRONG material running rampant among dealers, vendors, agencies & third party marketplaces.

It's not because they want to keep you in the dark. Well, some do. It's because of a lack of specialization. 

Where else are you going to find this one of a kind of information?


Bluntly, we firmly believe you will learn these patterns eventually...

It's the cost you should take note of...

That leaves you with two choices:
1) Learn these patterns through a teacher who'd DOING what he teaches (DealerLAB)...

2) Learn them on your own through painful trial and error that hurts your time and bottom line big time...

The car business has changed, it's not as permissive as it was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago.

Margins used to be great; now you have to watch what you're doing.

Coming to this event and playing full out is the CHEAPEST and FASTEST way to your success...

We don't believe in shortcuts...

But you can certainly increase your speed on the path... And reduce your time to revenue when it comes to generating new sales.

It’s going to be mind-blowing!

2022 Dealer LAB Circuit

Montreal, Qc, Canada

Toronto, Qc, Canada

New York, NY, United States

Chicago, IL, United States

Miami, FL, United States

Houston, TX, United States

San Diego, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Seattle, WA, United States

Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I look at what we do in terms of marketing maybe once a month, but I need to know if the people I hired to handle it are making the right decisions with my money."
Bruce, LExus dealer principal
As a decision-maker, you must understand these to avoid making costly mistakes, even if it's not part of your day-to-day tasks.
What You Get When Attending Dealer LAB
Dealership Marketing Black Book
$49 Value
Digital Marketing Essentials Online Training
$149 Value
6 Month Autobahn Academy Membership
$354 Value
3 Month Wolf-Pack Subscription
$299 Value
Car Dealership Landing Page Bundle
$2,500 Value
Day 2 is where it gets exciting. We tackle real-life issues & opportunities together, as a team. 

Everyone puts their brains together to create this super powerful dealer mastermind.
How many people attend Dealer LAB?
A maximum of 20 people can attend each Dealer LAB. We like to keep the groups small in order to maximize the time spent with everyone of you, making sure we leverage your business to the fullest.
Who can attend Dealer LAB
You have to be an active working member of a dealership to attend Dealer LAB. We do have a program coming called Agency LAB for agencies who want to help dealerships achieve their goals, please contact us here.
Can I attend with my team?
Yes, you can purchase your teammates tickets on the order page.
Where will DealerLAB take place near me?
The top-secret locations are revealed prior to the event. We usually gather in a private & quiet place.
How can I purchase my ticket to DealerLAB?
Information on how to purchase your ticket will be shared with you after you join the wait-list.
Can I get a refund if I can't attend
All Dealer LAB tickets are non-refundable.
How can I get the VIP diner package?
Once you register, we'll share the VIP diner details with you.
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