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This free webinar was put together after so many of our clients asked us for a basics course. The goal was to make sure you as a dealership decision maker, understand the power of digital marketing & sales.

We built this webinar on the basics learned after driving more than 1,400,000 new, used & finance leads to dealerships. From the first click on Google, to the delivery date, we were able to draw conclusions to fast-track your dealership digital sales process, in todays world.

In this webinar, you will learn how to boost leads, appointments in your showroom and sales. You'll also learn how to leverage Google & Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & Email Marketing. 

We also cover how to analyze your competition on the web, what's the New & Used car buying process for a local dealership as well as the nurturing process your should respect for inbound & outbound sales.
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Plus, get 3 bonus tools for joining our live webinar!
30-Day Follow Up
Cheat Sheet
Out of ideas when it comes to following up with potential customers? This 30-day follow-up schedule cheat sheet will surprise your prospects and motivate your sales team.
2018 Phone UP!
Cheat Sheet
Tired of listening to bad inbound calls from your team? This one pager cheat sheet will help you double your appointments from inbound calls from potentials csutomers.
Sales Event
Landing Page
Are you doing a couple of sales events every year? Stop relying on 3rd parties and manage your own landing pages. Simply drag and drop and let the leads come in!
Watch and learn from Digital Sales Experts
Some of the most powerful ways to grow your sales include using Google, Facebook & your own website to their full potential. Join our webinar to unlock your dealership's full potential online. We'll cover topics like website conversion, traffic generation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, inbound & outbound sales.
  • How to boost your dealership's organic rankings
  • How to reduce your campaign cost per acquisition
  • How to generate more sales from Google Adwords
  • How to control your campaign so you don't over pay
  •  How to understand online campaign metrics, KPIs & reports
  • How to brand your dealership locally like a pro
  • How to generate sales from Facebook
  • How to target to specific audiences
  • How to run trade-in campaigns in Facebook
  •  How to understand Facebook campaign metrics, KPIs & reports
  • How to create inbound & outbound email marketing campaigns
  • How to follow up with prospects without being anoying
  • How to generate sales from mass emails
  • How to wake up lost customers through email
  •  How to leverage your CRM system and reduce private sales costs
  • How to leverage traditional media to drive consumers to the web
  • How to segment marketing efforts based on goals
  • How to target to specific audiences
  • How to run trade-in campaigns in Facebook
  •  How to understand Facebook campaign metrics, KPIs & reports
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