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Learn how to master branding using Facebook ads with a monthly budget under $500/month
"Never quite got the difference between branding and lead generation with Facebook. I kept having wrong expectations. Now it's all clear."

Christopher, BMW Dealer Principal
"Finally a step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook with my branding. I sent this guide to my fellow GMs in the group, hope you don't mind."

Edward, Kia General Sales Manager
"My ads were shown to more than 10,000 people in the firt few days. I've only spent a few dollars! I was able to create effective campaigns under 30 minutes!"

Tamy, Toyota Marketing Manager
"We're able to reach potential buyers for $0.01 cent each all-day long. It's crazy! And it works! I could even put my corporate video we just shot of our new building."

Martin, Mitsubishi New Car Manager
"We were struggling to find ways to compete online with less budget than our neighbors. You guys gave us tool to fight Goliath!"

Daniel, Chrysler Sales Manager
"It feels good to understand which type of campaign & techniques works instead of shuffling through agencies every 3-4 months. We ended up doing everything in house and saving a ton of money for better results."

Dennis, Volkswagen Sales Manager
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