Facebook Ads Online Course
for Car Dealers

Looking to grow your dealership through profitable Facebook Marketing?
We're building an online course FOR car dealerships looking to use Facebook Ads to boost their sales.

Would you like to have a clear plan of which type of ads for every objective you have?

Find out how to drive traffic, new & used car leads, local awareness, boost your driver database, increase service traffic and create new customers at a profit through Facebook marketing.
The Course is Currently Closed
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We've invested over 10 millions in Facebook Ads with car dealers over the past 3 years. 

We're building the ultimate Facebook Ads course for car dealerships.

No more confusion and unreliable information on the topic. 
Inside you'll learn...
  •  How to drive more traffic
  •  How to generate more new car leads
  •  How to generate more used car leads
  •  How to do Smart Remarketing
  •  How to brand your dealership
  •  How to brand your dealer group
  •  How to generate the 3 types of prospects
  •  How to do Smart Remarketing
  •  How to drive service offers
  •  How to generate trade-in requests
  •  How to boost your private/web sales
  •  How to launch a new vehicle
And don't worry, we know you're busy.

We've made it consumable, in short sessions you can digest in just a few days.
3 Main Reasons Why Facebook is so Effective
  •  Facebook has a huge amount of data on consumer behavior
  •  Facebook knows if you've recently visited a dealership (online or offline) through their app
  •  You can target & speak to anyone you like, with a personalized message for their needs & context
We Know Facebook Marketing
The Autobahn Academy team has experience growing dealerships through Facebook marketing from zero to tens of thousands of leads every single month. Our team has +20 years of total experience in Facebook marketing.
The Ultimate Shortcut for Dealerships Today
We provide everything from the strategy to the tactics, campaign management and ongoing optimization needed to turn that traffic into qualified leads and customers on autopilot.
Proven Track Record
We have driven over $3 million in new Facebook marketing attributed revenue over the last two years, with tens of millions more in sales coming into those businesses. Ask us for a copy of our Facebook Ads Cookbook, you won't be disappointed.
Leverage Facebook to dominate your market.
Drive more leads from Facebook
Facebook has proven to be an excellent source of traffic & leads for car dealerships and will continue to be. You as a car dealer manager must take this media & enhance your sales right now. You can target shoppers based on intent of purchase so you can show the right ads, at the right time.
Build a New Car prospect database
This is your chance to boost your local drivers database and hit your competitors where they can't see you. Use Facebook as an under the radar tactic to sell more cars and protect your market.

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