Programmes de formation en direct

Groupe privé réservé aux gestionnaires de concessions automobiles partageant leur problèmes, enjeux et solutions.


Un programme semi-privé en direct sur 6 semaines ou l'on discute et démystifie un sujet précis sur le marketing en ligne automobile.


Un atelier complet sur le marketing digital concentré uniquement sur le monde des concessionnaires automobiles.


Un événement présenté par des experts de l'industrie automobile partageant les solutions aux problèmes qui vous guêtent.


* L'accès à tous ces programmes est compris à l'intérieur de l'abonnement Autobahn Academy Illimité

Facebook Ads Masterclass
for Car Dealerships

This ultimate car sales training program was built to hlep

* Team access available

Introduction to Automotive Digital Marketing

Designed to help Dealer Principals & GMs wanting to learn more about automotive digital marketing.

Digital Dealership Manager
Boot Camp

A complete & advanced courses for managers wanting to take their store to the highest level online.

À propos d'Autobahn Academy
Autobahn Academy est une plateforme de formation en ligne et sur demande pour concessionnaires automobiles.
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Questions fréquemment posées sur nos
programmes pour concessionnaires automobiles

How can Online Training help my Car Dealership?

Our online courses can help you ensure your team is sharp and ready to go at all times. Our Autobahn Academy platform is available 24/7 and can be shared with your team.  Our online training course are affodable & flexible. They can be watched from anywhere at any time. 

The big reason why online training is picking up in car dealerships these days is mainly because while on-site training is effective, continuous training is more efficient on the long term.

Which Departments can benefit from your courses?

We believe we can make your dealership better as a whole. This is why we have training videos around all aspects of your business: New & Pre-Owned Sales, Finance & Insurance (F&I), Service, Marketing, Management and even Personal Development.

What are the Autobahn Academy Courses Topics?

Since we're constantly adding more content inside the courses, we're making sure you have everything you need to run a profitable dealership. We cover burning questions & issues accross all car dealership departments: Sales, Service, F&I, Marketing, BDC and Management.

Who can join the courses?

Since we're constantly adding more content inside the courses, we're making sure you have everything you need to run a profitable dealership. You can add anyone you'd like from your dealership on the course you have purchased. The same applies if you choose to subscribe your dealership to Autobahn Academy Unlimited.

How long can I access the course contents?

Your purchase will be available for 90 days after the date of purchase. If you choose to keep access to your content, we suggest you choose to subscribe to Autobahn Academy Unlimited.

How can I make sure my people are following the courses?

We're doing the heavy lifting for you. Our platform is built so your people are getting the most relevant content they need depending on their behavior on the platform as well as their position in your dealership.

Do you offer certifications?

Yes. All our major courses include certifications. You and your team can become Autobahn Academy Certified when buying a single course and also when subscribing your dealership to Autobahn Academy Unlimited. You can earn designations by passing the required examinations for each certification.

What's the difference between the Courses & Autobahn Academy Unlimited?

With Autobahn Academy, you can purchase online training "à la carte" or subscribe to our online training platform for car dealerships and get unlimited access.

What if I want access for everyone in my dealership to all your courses?

If you want you & your whole team to have unlimited access to ALL the content (Sales, Marketing, F&I, Service,...) in Autobahn Academy library, you can sign up for Autobahn Academy Unlimited by clicking the button below.