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     Phone Up Cheat Sheet
Never get caught off-guard by an inbound call ever again.
After spending the last 15 years with dealers, we realize something had to change. Listening to inbound calls as a sales manager is just plain bad for your health. It sure does raise stress and anger levels.
Salespeople are not screwing up intentionally. They tend to go with the flow. This is why customers take control of the call.
They don't ask where the customer lives, what they are looking for. Qualification is random in most dealers today.

In fact, 70% of phone ups we analyzed weren't asked to give their name & phone number. How on earth can you work those deals if you can't reach out?
"I love my team but we sucked when it came to customers calling for inquiries. Our appointments were almost 0, even on used cars. I passed this cheatsheet along to all my reps and suddenly people started showing up."
"I laminated mine and every time a call comes in, I use a marker. I erase everything once I transfered the information in my CRM!"
"I had a tough time taking incoming calls in between various tasks, appointments & deliveries. I refer to this everytime a new customer calls and it helped me increase my sales."
"We used to pay trainers a few times a year. But our staff is constantly changing and it's a real money pit. Now, I just show them how to follow the steps and we have had better results than ever before."
10 Laminated Phone-Up Cheat Sheets + Markers
     5-Day Initial Lead Response Cheat Sheet
First impression is key on the web, let's increase your reply rate.
     30-Day Lead Response Guide for Car Dealerships
Sell up to 80% of the leads you get in the first 30 days.
     Ultimate Voicemail Guide for Car Salespeople
Give your team the tools to increase call backs.
     Ultimate Email Guide for Car Dealerships
Want to increase your contact rate after a lead? This is the key.
     Price Objection Cheat Sheet
It always comes down to price right? Is your team ready?
Knowing how to handle pricing objections is key in a car saleperson's toolbox because a dealership's profit margin is the reason we are in business. 
     100+ Lead Nurturing Email Templates
Everything your team needs to adress every customer interaction.
     Website Provider Checklist
Get to choose the best website provider for your dealership.
     CRM Provider Checklist
A CRM is the lifeblood today's dealership, don't skip it.
     Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Report
Want to know who's kicking your butt and how to beat them?
     Local Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Report
Are you buying the right keywords in your market & vs your competition?
     AutoREtrack Renewal Automation Tool
Take advantage of automation to increase leads & finance renewal rate.
     15 Landing Page Bundle
A landing page template for all your needs
     Marketing Planning Session with a Performance Manager
Want to learn how you can beat your conquest & renewal targets this year?
     Live Training & Q&A session every week
As we get better, you get better.
     Online Master Classes Database
A growing database of online training & coaching
Next classes...
Email Marketing for Car Dealerships
How to nurture your prospects and client database with effective email marketing techniques.
New Vehicle Conquest
Maximize new car conquest with proven techniques to bring in new business while retaining customer acquisition costs low.
How to analyse your dealership's trafic
Learn how to analyze your traffic the right way, independently from your vendors.
Digital Marketing Essentials for Car Dealerships
Everything you have to know about the digital dealership ecosystem.
Search Engine Basics for Car Dealerships
How to take understand and take advantage of search engines like Google to increase sales.
Facebook Ads for Car Dealerships
Recipes for every situation. Get the right ads in front of the right people every time.
Google Ads for Car Dealerships
Learn how to run a Google Ads campaign like a pro, increase revenue & traffic to your site.
How to Reduce Cost per Lead (New)
Run profitable new car campaigns with confidence, regardless of your website provider.
     Your Dedicated Performance Manager
You won't be alone in this journey. We're here to guide you.
     Google Ads & Facebook Strategy Analysis
Our experts will review your strategy & provide recommendations
     Dealership Trafic Analysis
Let's increase qualified trafic to your website
     Autobahn Academy Referral Program
We take care of our loyal customers like no one else.
     30% Discount on all our Services
Save a TON of money on essential services for car dealerships.
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