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Do you want to grow your sales numbers, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
Do you have a successful colleagues, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
Are you trying to figure out a way to close more people, or have a bigger paycheck every week?
Are you convinced that you need help, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
Did you just start selling cars, but you're not sure how to become the best?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then You Must Join The 'SMART Sales BOOTCAMP' And Change Your Paycheck Forever! 

So, Here Is How The 
ONLINE Bootcamp Works...

The SMART Sales Online Bootcamp usually costs $1,000 to join, but because of the current situation we slashed the price to $197

This includes all the modules you'll need to change your game.

Marc Lavoie
Autobahn Academy

It's about working SMARTER, 

Everywhere we go we are tought to work hard, put in the hours, grind & hustle all day every day. 

This is bull****. 

Want proof? Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon is currently the richest man in the world. His first meetings are at 10:30 in the morning and he doesn't work nights.

Why? Because he works SMART. He has systems & uses people around him to reduce waste of money, time & effort from his own person.

In any business, wether you're the owner or not, if you're the bottleneck, you're losing.

So how come you're being told to put in more hours than the richest man alive?

Does that make any sense to you?

Not a single second right? This is what people with no plan are doing. And you may be among these people. 

If you are that's OK. It's what we've been told all our lives...

But this changes today.

The SMART Sales Bootcamp will show you how to multiply your sales without working harder. I want to transform you into a sales machine you can scale to unlimited heights. 

Want to know the best part? It'll work even if you get out of the motor trade.

I also want you to make more money than ever before, and still have time for the things & people you love around you.

Sounds good?

Ready. Set. Go!


  • If you feel you've been let down by your managers & not tought the right mindsest about sales, this is for you.
  • If you're just starting in the business & want to fast track your way to the top, this is for you.
  • If you're an experienced salesman or saleswoman in the automotive field but feel old techniques are not working anymore, this is for you.
  • ​If you feel you don't have the knowledge or tools you should to make it to the top and make more money month over month, this is for you
  • ​If you feel you're the salesperson with the most potential on your team but you're just not sure how to make it happen, this is for you
No doubt the Autobahn Academy Community is uncommon to say the least. But for us, being uncommon is the goal.
We have been heads down building the most elite car dealership training platform in existence. The ONLY place you can go to learn the principles and be equipped with the tools necessary to simply dominate your sales targets and the rest of your team. Your colleagues will be soon asking you: "How are you doing it?"

We took it a step further and brought the community together through the Academy, Accelerators and Mastermind programs. We can't guarantee you aren't crazy, but at least you won't be alone.

Now that we have laid the foundation, it's time to answer the question: "How to I accelerate my Game Plan?"

Your Game Plan will accelerate at the pace at which you continually invest in and expand your Mindset, Skillsets & Closing. PERIOD.



 It requires investing in YOU 💪
👉 Expanding your MINDSET. 
👉 Adding to your SKILLSETS.
👉 Growing your NETWORK.

Here's Everything You'll Get:

Autobahn Academy SMART Car Sales Bootcamp


  • Week #1: Negotiating & Closing ($297 value)
  • Week #2: Phone Skills ($297 value)
  • Week #3: Email Marketing & Sales ($297 value)
  • ​Week #4: Unlimited Sales Mindset ($297 value)
  • Week #5: Social Media for Car Salespeople ($297 value)​
  • ​Week #6: Gross & Profit Margins ($297 value)​
  • ​Week #7: HANDLING & CRUSHING Customer Objections ($2,997 value)​
  • ​Week #8: SECRET BONUS Training ($297 value)​
  • ​WEEK #8.5: CERTIFICATION ($997 value)​


  • 30-Day Internet Lead Follow Up Cheat Sheet - How to use PROVEN frameworks to increase your appointments from internet leads ($47 Value)
  • Voicemail Cheat Sheet - How to use PROVEN frameworks to increase your appointments from internet leads ($97 Value)
  • ​Email Cheat Sheet - Avoid the common mistakes car salespeople do everyday ($97 Value)
  • ​Ultimate Car Sales Objections Guide - Black Belt objection handling tips from car salespeople earning over $500,000/year ($197 Value)
  • ​Digital Sales Fundamentals - How to ACTUALLY understand how and why car buyers are shopping online ($297 Value)
  • Our FAVORITE 10 Used Cars Email Templates - Increase Open, Reply & Success Rates right away ($97 Value)


  • Learn how to sell 30+ Cars every month consistently
  • ​Learn how to prospect like a pro
  • ​Learn how to craft follow-up sequences to multiply your sales
  • ​Learn how to disqualify tire kickers 
  • ​How to handle objections & retain gross like a Ninja




















Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And Complete The Tasks Given To You,

Every Day For 8 Weeks

Want a bit more information before you decide?

Let's show you everything you have access to when you sign up today.

Week #0: Pre-Training

Consider this is a warm up to the most powerful sales training you ever took in your life. It's a bold claim, but we got bold sales experts so it's about to go down.
👉 Autobahn Academy training platform onboarding
👉 Customize your content
👉 Introduction to our Car Sales All-Start lineup
👉 BONUS COVID-19 Training

Week #1: Negotiating & Closing ($297 value)

Never get stuck again in a bad place when negotiating & close every deals following advice from arguably the best in the business: Andy Elliott. Become a Negotiating Killing Machine in 5 days.
👉 How to negotiate like the FBI
👉 How to control your mental state
👉 How to go from a salesperson to a CLOSER

Week #2: Phone Skills - $297 value

Anyone can argue a TON of money can be made on the phone. So why are you still average? This is a skill you MUST master if your selling anything & car sales is no different.
👉 BLACK BELT phone techniques
👉 Fail proof phone scripts
👉 Voicemail hacks

Week #3: Internet Sales & Email Marketing - $297 value

Whoever said email marketing is dead is crazy, or doesn't know what they're doing. One thing's for sure though, it got significantly harder to succeed, but there's gold to be found by anyone who masters this skill.
👉 Multiply your open rates
👉 AVOID costly email marketing mistakes
👉 Setup winning email marketing strategies without going crazy

Week #4: Unlimited Sales Mindset - $297 value

Whoever said email marketing is dead is crazy, or doesn't know what they're doing. One thing's for sure though, it got significantly harder to succeed, but there's gold to be found by anyone who masters this skill.
👉 Set your mind on agressive targets & crush them
👉 AVOID going crazy working in the automotive business 
👉 Outperform your peers & drive constisten results

Week #5: Social Media Unlocked 🔓 for Car Salespeople - $297 value

If you're selling cars right now and you're not doing any social media, we're not sure what to tell you... It's not 1999 anymore. Good news is, there's still hope for you: We created a blueprint for you. And guess, what? You'll simply play the game like you got the cheat codes on.
👉 How to drive sales from Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok
👉 Create a bulletproof social media calendar under 60 minutes.
👉 How to put your Social Media strategy on autopilot

Week #6: Gross & Profit Margins - $297 value

Holding gross is one of the major keys to make bank in the automotive industry. If you're the type of person that wants to sell 30 cars a month and hit flat every time, perhaps this program is not for you. On the other hand, if you like money, get in.
👉 Increase your profit margins in the front like the 1%ers
👉 Stop losing ground & commissions because of price shoppers
👉 Double your paycheck under 30 days

Week #7: HANDLING & CRUSHING Customer Objections - $297 value

Objections is the #1 anxiety source of car salespeople, or any salesperson for that matter. This can only be the case if you don't know what you're doing.
👉 Crush objections like a BOSS
👉 Anticipate & Decimate customers objections even before they arise (yes you can do that)
👉 How to control your customer's mindset during the sale (you have to promise you will use this for greater good & will not take advantage of people)

Week #8: Follow-Ups & Text Messaging - $297 value

👉 Top producers follow up... We'll show you how to master follow-up even if you just started selling cars
👉 How to maximize your CRM WITHOUT the boring details & endless data input
👉 The 80/20 Follow-Up Formula

Week #8.5: Certification - $997 value

This is your chance to start collecting the Autobahn Academy Certified badges. Get ahead everyone one else in your dealership & showcase your accomplishments.

ALRIGHT, 8 weeks was NOT enough...

BONUS TRAINING: Sales Manager Training - $997 value

Managers, we did not forget about you. Although there's a ton of value in this for your team, we got you a little something too. We understand a strong sales manager can make the tide rise, and a rising tide lifts all boats!
👉 How to drive the most sales from your team
👉 How to groom rookies into superstar under 12 months
👉 How to help your team & close more deals on the sales floor

BONUS TRAINING: Online Customer Journey - $997 value

You can be the best salesperson on earth, but if you can't bring leads actually IN your dealership. Sure, some will say people WANT to buy online. But for now, that's merely 5% of customers. You now have a choice to make, are you going to keep working deals not knowing where they come from, or are you going to get this internet leads thing understood so you can stop missing out on tons of deals every month?
👉 Understand today's car shopper journey to your showroom
👉 How to throttle new conquest customers (your competitors will hate you)
👉 How to avoid common money murdering mistakes car dealers still do

Plus, get LIVE COACHING...

LIVE COACHING Session with Andy Elliott (The Elliott Group) - $497 value

Never get stuck again in a bad place when negotiating & close every deals following advice from arguably the best in the business: Andy Elliott. Become a Negotiating Killing Machine in 5 days.


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Andy Elliott: Finding your Growth Mindset

Never get stuck again in a bad place when negotiating & close every deals following advice from arguably the best in the business: Andy Elliott. Become a Negotiating Killing Machine in 5 days.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Steve Stauning: Assumptive Selling

Never get stuck again in a bad place when negotiating & close every deals following advice from arguably the best in the business: Andy Elliott. Become a Negotiating Killing Machine in 5 days.


Never get stuck again in a bad place when negotiating & close every deals following advice from arguably the best in the business: Andy Elliott. Become a Negotiating Killing Machine in 5 days.


👉 New Hires in the Sales Department
👉 Intermediate & Veteran car salesmen & car saleswomen
👉 Sales Managers & General Sales Managers
"People are shopping ONLINE. 
What are YOU doing to be the best?"
Here’s an obvious question for you… Do you want to sell more of your product next year?
Of course you do! We all want to do better next year than we did the last 12 months.

But the question is: What are you going to do differently? What steps are you going to take to sell more?

Your current production is the direct result of everything you did last year. All of the prospecting, appointments, phone calls, leads…

And sure, you could try to just do more of those things, but let’s get real… “Trying harder” or “doing more” just puts you on the fast track to burnout.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the...


Based on the strategies top sales producers have developed over the last 20 years in automotive, the SMART Sales Online Bootcamp is a step-by-step online program created for car salespeople & sales managers. 

The SMART Sales Online Bootcamp gives you the exact activities, resources, and sales skills you need to ramp up your sales results one the first day.

The SMART Sales Online Bootcampwas developed with a simple set of goals in mind:

✔ Provide both new and experienced sales associates with a step-by-step plan, resources, and sales training to increase your sales.

✔ Rapidly fill your pipeline with new opportunities and transform your results, paycheck & life in less than 60 days.

✔ Steamline your sales processes so you have more time left for the things you enjoy most.

✔ Bring back the joy in selling cars by having fun working with customers you like and that like you back.

This system was made for New & Pre-Owned vehicles salespeople.

One of our sales associate left his job as a teacher to become a car salesman. He had 0 experience in sales. By following the detailed steps in this plan, he went from 0 to 200 units his very first year in automotive, taking the #1 spot in his dealership!

On the other side, we worked with seasoned sales associate already selling over 300 vehicles per year for the last 10 years. BUT she was burning out, misisng time with family as she fought for new opportunities.

By following the SMART Sales Online Bootcamp, in just 8-weeks, she was able to cut back her work hours by 20% while maintaining the same paycheck.

So, are you ready for more sales? Then secure your spot in the next SMART Sales Online Bootcamp! 
What does the S.M.A.R.T. Sales Bootcamp content look like?
Here's an inside look at the course:

Week 1
Day 1: Multiply your Internet Sales
Day 2: Master the CRM 80/20 Rule
Day 3: Set goals & a plan using the Beast Mode Planner
Day 4: Sales Skill Development - Setting "Buying Moods"

Week 2
Day 5: Calculating Customer LTV
Day 6: Import/Update ALL contacts
Day 7: The Perfect Lead Nurturing Plan
Day 8: Sales Skill Development - Active Listening

Week 3
Day 9: Categorize & update your contacts
Day 10: Post-Sale Nurturing
Day 11: Update your LinkedIn account
Day 12: Friend and Follow on Social Media
Day 13: Sales Skill Development - Asking Better Questions

Week 4
Day 14: Campaign Review & Preparation
Day 15: Set your Instagram account
Day 16: Email newsletter planner to database
Day 17: Sales Skill Development - Designing offers of help

Week 5
Day 18: Update your calendar
Day 19: Get Customers to Reach out to You instead of Running after them
Day 20-23: Contact 30% of your database (use scripts included); Schedule outreach for next month

Week 6
Day 24: Scale your Videos
Day 25: Notes & Organization
Day 26: Calendar Management
Day 27: Proofreading & Syntax
Day 28: Automated Selling Machine

Week 7
Day 28: Find the gaps in your database
Day 29: Qualifying your customers
Day 30: Handling the Phone like a pro

Week 8
Bonus: Sales scripts
Bonus: Personal website template
Bonus: Master Email Marketing
>> NOTE: Bonuses Are Emailed Out During Throughout the 8-Week period
"Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Autobahn Academy. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back."

"These Sales Experts Will Show You How To Generate a Sustainable Cash Flow Machine Through Car Sales And Take You From Whatever You Are Right Now To A Damn Car Sales


Now… how much do you think something like this should cost?
Remember, we’re talking step-by-step roadmaps for car sales mastery from some of the top minds in North America.
When I thought about charging for this, you could imagine how high the price climbed.
And the truth is, the vast majority of people out there would do everything they could to take this idea and turn it into a massive payday.
But while most people are moving toward the money… we’re moving toward the impact.
As I’ve already said, this is our gift to you. I’m not trying to sell you anything here.
The truth is… while I love learning from people who are ahead of me in this game… I’ve learned a thing or two myself about turning car salespeople into money printing machines. That was back when I was doing everything by myself. Can you just imagine for a second what will happen to you once we add those sales sensei to the mix?
And while I wouldn’t be sad to pocket a huge chunk of change for selling all this goodness…
By giving away access to this brilliant online bootcamp instead, I’m helping countless eager car salespeople equip themselves with the vision and foresight they need to build their own life-sustaining income and change their world for the better. 


You might be wondering...

Do I have to attend LIVE in order to participate?
Nope. There is no way we could deliver this amount of value in person unless this was a massive event taking you away from the showroom. Obviously this is not what we want. Thats why the entire thing is recorded and provided in your membership area.
Who is this program for?
This system was made for New & Pre-Owned vehicles salespeople. We have also seen people from the RV, Moto & Marine industries sucessfully completing the program & changing their sales numbers big time.

The SMART Sales Online Bootcamp is for car salespeople looking to learn the secrets of exponential sales. It's for anyone currently unhappy with your sales results that wants a simple, effective way to get more sales.
Will I have to work?
Yes you will, because nothing this great comes easy. HOWEVER, we're taking your hand through the whole program to show you the best practices & tricks to help you sell 20, 30, 40 and even more vehicles per month, regardless of the brand you're selling.

The fact that every single week is broken down into days with short & consumable video training sessions will help you go from 0 to 100 with almost no effort.
8 Weeks is a lot! Is it possible to go faster?
Yes. If you're in a hurry to complete the bootcamp and start We created the Fastrack program just for you.
How does this Bootcamp work?
For 40 work days, 56 days in total, we'going to send you video missions designed to teach you specific car sales strategies, techniques & secrets you will not be able to find anywhere else.
What happens if I miss a day?
If something comes up and you can't make it one day, don't worry because your mission will still be available for you to watch in your private member area.

We do have "cool down" days meant to catch up or rewatch some of the videos.
When are the new missions available?
WE'LL SEND YOUR NEW MISSION TO YOUR INBOX every day at 8 AM Sharp Eastern along with matching documentation & tools to help you scale your sales very fast.
How can I join the SMART Sales ONLINE Bootcamp
By completing your registration, we'll send you an email with the next steps. The next challenge is set to start on the date above.
Can my whole team sign up?
Yes. Since it's a bootcamp and events & sessions are tracked individually, we advise you to invite your team so they can create their own personal account. 

If you'd like to invite all your team members, register first & we'll send you instructions to get your team members onboard.
Any pending questions? Send us an email

If you just scrolled down the page to see what's up with this program... Here's the deal:

When you register for the SMART Sales Bootcamp, you’ll get access to all 56 days of training & exclusive interviews with 5 of the greatest car sales minds today in North America. 

They’re sharing how they would build their own car sales funnel if they were to start from 0 again & how they'd build their business in a business to sustain their cash flow needs for the rest of their lives

You’ll learn how transform YOUR business as well, and never get stuck anywhere else than on the 1st spot of your sales board ever again.




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