TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app of all time!

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What is it anyway?

It’s an exclusive community on Discord dedicated to high-performing car sales professionals.

Why You Need a Mastermind

My name is Marc Lavoie and I’ve been in automotive for more than 15 years. I realized over time that the best way to get to the next level is through osmosis: Learning from peers is the fastest way to grow any skill.

Masterminds make a whole lot of sense.

Think about it: You’re out there every day trying to generate your own business by testing new strategies + tactics, trying new software + apps, and making new connections—but imagine if you could get the benefit without all of the time and effort.

In a mastermind you don’t just benefit from your work, you benefit from everybody’s work.

And with The TikTok Mastermind, you will grow your business much faster.

You will also enjoy your business more because you’ll have all of us.

I don’t know about you, but we love this stuff, and we know that being a business owner can be a hard and lonely undertaking without the support of a community.

✅ You SHOULD apply if…

You’re a driven car sales individual

You’re willing to listen to others and implement what you learn

You’re willing to share your knowledge and expertise to help other members

You want to learn how to use video marketing & TikTok to drive your own leads & sales

 ❌ You should NOT apply if…

You're not a car salesperson

You're not looking to participate and contribute to the group

You’re not coachable

You're not ambitious

You do not have a growth mindset

You're not prepare to act on what you learn