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Online Courses
Access a library of online courses made especially for car dealerships in this competitive environment. We believe that a more knowledgeable you will take better decisions making your team, but most importantly, your customer's life easier.
Guides, Tools & Cheat Sheets
We periodically upload powerful tools & guides for you and your team such as phone-up cheat sheet, car dealership email guides, voicemail guides, lead nurturing schedules, changing website or CRM provider checklists and much more.
On-Demand Content
You and your staff can watch, learn & explore on your own terms: whenever, wherever! You can access Autobahn Academy from your phone, tablet, computer at home or at the office.
Ask Autobahn Academy
Here we answer our audience's most burning questions! Get personal insight & expertise for your business.
Market Insight
Fresh content about what's going on in the automotive market, dealership ecosystem and in media. 
Live Case Studies
Data trumps everything. We've worked with hundreds of dealers in the past 5 years. Let's make the right decisions together.
The Autobahn Academy Podcast
Members get the podcast before everyone else! Autobahn Academy members get exclusive content & videos recording of a unique podcast!
The Book on Dealership Digital Marketing
Want to stand out in your market? Be the first to get a free copy of The Book on Dealership Digital Marketing? Autobahn Academy members get this book for free!
Live Sessions + Q&A
Every week, we sit down and discuss digital marketing for auto dealers along with live interaction & question from the audience.
Exclusive Content
Autobahn Academy members get content you'll never find anywhere else. This is your chance to get ahead of the curve and compete in this rapidly changing industry.
Autobahn Academy Library
A growing & curated collection of marketing & sales insight to help you make better decisions & avoid costly mistakes for your business.
Exclusive Partnerships with Premium Vendors
This is your new unfair advantage against your competitors. We're teaming up with the best startups today to bring state-of-the-art tools to our members.
Amazing Content from Teacher Partners
We're rallying the best of the best to deliver an unmatched learning experience in the automotive industry!
24/7 Private Channel
Join other members as we discuss best practices to increase sales, profit & reduce time to revenue.
Weekly Wolf Pack Training + Live Q&A
Private access to an online community of likeminded managers in the automotive industry. Join the Wolf Pack live weekly session & discuss your most pressing issues.
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Jason - Audi Product Specialist
"...Simple, yet very effective stuff. I shared everything with the team."
Kendrick - Kia GSM
"...I like having everything in the same place. I can definetly say it's helped us!"
Jasmine - Ford DP

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