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Dealership Marketing
Black Book
The Ultimate hand book for dealerships growing their sales in today's competitive market.
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I'm a Principal or Owner
I'm a General Manager
I'm a Sales Manager
I'm a Marketing Manager
I'm a BDC Manager
Facebook Ads for car dealerships
Master Facebook in the automotive space
Facebook is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to grow your audience, database and prospect buyer list. It has some of the lowest cost per acquisition numbers we have seen in the last decade.

There's no doubt Facebook works for car dealers. If it doesn't work for you, it might be because you don't know how to work Facebook.

By joining Autobahn Academy, you guides, cheat sheets, cook books & courses on how to use, understand and leverage Facebook to generate more sales.
We cover automotive specific topics & questions such as:
How to setup a proper Facebook ad campaign for your dealership
How to choose your goals when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns
Facebook ad campaigns recipes & exclusion tactics
Why & how you should use the SBA & RTM techniques
How to build an evergreen multi-layer Facebook ad campaigns
Why you shouldn't use the Conversion goal in your campaigns
How to expand your reach in your market
How to build valuable audiences & events
How to manage goals, expectations and time to revenue in FB ads.
What our clients think of Autobahn Academy
"...Stuck your Guides to my wall... I almost doubled my sales the next month!"
Jason - Audi Product Specialist
"...Simple, yet very effective stuff. I shared everything with the team."
Kendrick - Kia GSM
"...I like having everything in the same place. I can definetly say it's helped us increase our sales!"
Jasmine - Ford DP
Google Ads for car dealerships
Master Google in the automotive space
Google is the most used search engine in the car industry. Making sure future buyers find you could make or break your business. 

Don't you think it's about time you understand how it works 100%?
We cover topics & questions such as:
How to analyze your campaign under 10 minutes
How to generate high quality trafic to your website
How to reduce ad spend waste & canibalization
How to setup effective Offensive & Defensive campaigns
How to create campaigns for New, Used & Finance
How to use the right right Keyword Matches
How to properly benchmark your campaign results vs your market
How to align PPC efforts to profitable inventory units
How to leverage negative keywords to cut down on costs
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